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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Crew and Passengers of Flight 11

Flight Crew: 

Captain Fred R. Gray
First Officer Edward J. Sullivan
Second Officer Roger D. Allen

Cabin Crew:

David E. M. Olssen (director of passenger services - this role was like a chief purser and unique to Continental)
Marilyn I. Bloomquist
Mary R. McGrath
Martha J. Rush
Stella Ann Berry


Jack D. Alexander
Kenneth H. Berger
Marcus C Brand
David D. Bowman
Beauford M. Carter
William C. Chapin
James A. Clarity, Jr.
Tommy J. Cox
Geneva O. Fraley
Clyde D. Fritz
Robert C. Gach
Philip E. Gilbertson, Sr.
Sidney H. Goldberg
Frank J. Grene, Jr.
Maurice E. Hamilton
John E. Hamm
Henry E. Hanna
Fred P. Herman
Philip I. Hoare
Marvin Dale Horn
Edward A. Kuhn
Robert L. Miller
Virgil W. Mourning
Takehiko Nakano
Ross A. Reid
Andrew P. Roucka
Bruce Stewart
Robert G. Tabors
Rex O. Thomas
Benjamin F. Tuttle
Edward C. Waffle
Clifford L. Walton
James R. Webb
Roger Welch
Bobby J. Wilks
Russell W. Wolfe

The Aircraft:
N70775, Boeing 707-124 built in 1959 for Cubana Airlines but went to Continental Airlines instead.

The Flight:
"CO11"/"CAL11" Chicago-Kansas City-Los Angeles.


KSS111 said...

My great uncle, John Hamm, of Kansas City, MO was a passeger as well.

KSS111 said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for creating the memorial. My grandfather was First Officer Edward J. Sullivan. I will show this to my mother and grandmother who still, to this day, have a difficult time accepting his death.

dhcomet said...

My pleasure Sarah. I can't tell you how powerful it was to stand at the site of crash site of Flight 11...your grandfather would have fought valiantly to get that Boeing 707 down.

dhcomet said...

I was unaware of John Hamm. Can you confirm those details with Mr Duane Crawford at

dhcomet said...

KSS111 - apologies for leaving your great uncle off this list. Rest assured his name appears on the memorial in Unionville

dhcomet said...

And I've updated the list :-)

jimmyzzz said...

JIm Webb was my supervisor at Aeronutronics in Newport Beach, California. We worked on the Shillelagh anti-tank missile system.

dhcomet said...

Thanks for coming forward re Jin Webb. Did you work with him up until the accident or well before ?

Robert Gomer said...
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Unknown said...

I am Anne Chapin Kennedy, the daughter of passenger, William C. Chapin. It's my first time on this blog, hoping to thank the caring gentleman for creating the monument to my dad and all the others. To this day, the tragedy is hard to believe. I wasn't aware of the ceremony or I would have tried to be there with all the others there who felt their tremendous loss - and like I, still do.

Unknown said...

I can be reached at