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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Henry Hanna

On June 4th Unionville received two visitors from Minnesota. Patrick Hanna and his wife Betty. Patrick is the son of Flight 11 passenger Henry Hanna. He was a superintendent with the "Michigan, Wisconsin and American Louisiana Gas Pipeline" company. 

Duane Crawford and Ron Cook took the Hanna's to the crash site and  later on Maribeth DeHaven took them around the museum.

It's always nice when families of Flight 11 travel to Missouri to see the site and town first hand...not to mention the memorial in the town square. 


Friday, 7 June 2013

Twitter @CalFlight11

I have opened up a Twitter account @CALFlight11 to extend the circulation and visibility of this blog. With many younger people now using Twitter in their everyday lives I felt it prudent to keep the information on the blog in the most relevant places. Many of the kids I spoke to at Putnam County High asked if there was anything about Flight 11 online so they could look it up. Of course Facebook and Twitter were mentioned a lot but is becoming a bit "old hat".

The blog of course will remain the main site and remain updated etc. The Twitter account is merely a supplementary tool and link to the blog.

Blog URL change

Since 2007 the blog has had a misspelt URL. Instead of being Continental it reads Continenal (no "t").

This has been pointed out many times. However changing the URL would mean that people who have it saved in documents or favourites wouldn't be able to find it again and it upsets its visibility in google search as well. 

So I have decided to leave it misspelt purely so that it never loses its place on the net and people can find it.

I'm sure people will understand my decision. 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

David E. Olssen

I have been contacted by the niece of David E. Olssen, director of passenger services on Flight 11.

She has a remarkable story regarding Mr Olssen. He left behind a wife and two children. However as with many Flight 11 related things there is a twist to the story. Mr Olssen was in New Zealand during WWII. He even made a pendant out of a New Zealand coin which his niece wears to this day. Ironic considering a New Zealander (myself) helped get the memorial rolling for the flight.

Another remarkable connection and a welcome addition to the "Flight 11 family".