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Sunday, 30 November 2008

KTVO Article

A local station in the Kirksville area called KTVO has run an article on their web-site along with a short documentary on November 27th about the crash of CO11. I haven't seen the doco but am told by a local historian that it was excellent. The print-article can be found here:

It just goes to show that with all the recent activity sparked by myself and Mr Duane Crawford, 
a local Unionville historian whom I have contacted and am in correspondence with, 
that CO11 has been resurrected from the dusty archives of history and is finally 
starting to receive the recognition that is due. Hopefully more will follow on this 
as the months go by as I think (finally) we have the ball rolling for a memorial. 
There is a push at present for one to be erected by the Putnam County 
Historical Society. Mr Duane Crawford, local historian, has already donated 
money toward this memorial at a recent meeting of the historical society. A 
very noble gesture to this not so forgotten (now) tragedy.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

KOMU article.

Okay well here is a fascinating article on about the crash and also about the efforts (current efforts) to place a memorial in or around the crash site:

Apparently a Duane Crawford has been doing the same as me - researching this tragedy and most importantly...not forgetting CO11 and its victims.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Appanoose County Historical Society

According to an article in the Daily Iowegian Newspaper, the Appanoose County Historical Society will be running an exhibit dedicated Continental Air Lines Flight 11. What the exhibit will contain is not mentioned. It does say that it will "tell the story" of the mid-air bombing of the Boeing 707. Perhaps some artefacts? Who's the link to the Iowegian story:

and the link to the Appanoose County Historical Society: