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Friday, 27 April 2012

Civil Aeronautics Board Accident Report of 1962

For those who are interested here is the link to the 1962 Civil Aeronautics Board Aircraft Accident Report for Flight 11. Some may find it an interesting read. It's the document that sparked this blog and everything else off.

Go to this link and select "1962" then select the FIRST "CONTINENTAL AIRLINES" link. It will open up a page with a link to the PDF file containing the report. 

Flight 11 Aircraft Accident Report

It only works with Internet Explorer or Firefox apparently. Not Google Chrome.

Flight 11 Kansas-Los Angeles sector

One small "mystery" about Flight 11 is the passengers who were waiting at Kansas City to fly to Los Angeles; obviously with the non-arrival of Flight 11 from Chicago there was no plane to take passengers waiting at Kansas City onward to Los Angeles. I'm assuming they would have been told the flight was cancelled and then returned home or to hotels to await flights the next day. They certainly may have suspected something was amiss with the reaction of waiting relatives at Kansas City...and no doubt the press may have turned up at Kansas City Airport later that evening when reports of Flight 11 being missing were coming in.

At any rate it must have been unusual for those onward waiting passengers bound for LAX to read about the crash in the following days and realize they were meant to be booked on Flight 11s second-leg of that evening.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Ann Berry

A gentleman from California has come forward, via Duane Crawford, to inform us that his wife was meant to work on Flight 11 as a stewardess but her inbound flight was delayed due to a mechanical issue. Ann Berry stepped in as the "standby" crew member. The wife of the gentleman has long remembered and been affected by the death of Ann Berry (her best friend at the time) and the fate of CO11 that evening.

An extremely interesting story and one of those "what could have been/what if" scenarios.