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Monday, 22 May 2017

55th anniversary

This May 22nd marks the 55th anniversary of the crash of Continental Airlines Flight 11. It also marks the tenth anniversary of my direct involvement in the memorial and subsequent communications with family members and with the late Mr Duane Crawford of Unionville ,Mo. This man was instrumental in getting the memorial off the ground and in arranging everything for the memorial services to honour those who died that fateful night.

Continental Flight 11-lest we forget .

Friday, 5 May 2017

Aurora Continental 707 model.

An avid airplane model collector has contacted me with a stunning piece of information regarding a model 707 produced in 1962. See photo attached of the box. The model is in the same colour scheme as Flight 11 and carries the rego of sister ship N70773. Interesting that they produced these models and that some are still extant. Apparently the model was discontinued in 1962, possibly because of the crash of Flight 11. Anyone with any more info don't hesitate to contact. Otherwise an interesting looking model and something I was not aware of!