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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Tis the Season!

It is that time of year again when one reflects on what has passed, particularly after the hype of Christmas has died off a little and we are faced with the prospect of ringing in a new year.

It is hard to believe that over two and a half years ago I flew to Unionville, Missouri to see the crash site of Flight 11 first-hand and also to meet people like Duane Crawford and Ronnie Cook face to face. Where has that time gone!?

Since then I have journeyed back to the USA every year as more information has come to light about Flight 11. I have met more people, connected more families and "joined the dots" in a lot of different ways. And of course all this from a blog started WAY back in 2007.

This year I had the pleasure of meeting with Kathryn Hamilton of the Hamilton family whose father was board the ill-fated flight in 1962. While over in the United States and in fact walking around Hollywood in California I answered my mobile phone on a beautiful hot day to find my future employer eagerly on the phone offering me a job at the national carrier of New Zealand.

I accepted and signed the papers when I returned to Auckland in late June. I have not looked back since then and working in aviation is an absolute delight; like the icing on the cake, especially for someone so involved with aviation as I was in a personal manner.

With all that aside I wish all the Flight 11 "family" a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Former Continental Staff circa 1950s/1960s

It has come to my attention over the years of my experiences with Flight 11 that a number of former Continental employees have reunited via this blog and the events surrounding Flight 11 memorial services over the last few years.

Not only this but it has also brought about a number of ex crew (who in some cases were colleagues of the victims of Flight 11) to enquire as to where they may be able to go to post old stories and memories in an open-style "forum."

I have thought about the feasibility of starting an ancillary blog for these former employees of the day to come forward and share any stories they have, Flight 11 related or not.

If anyone is interested in this or knows anyone with a similar site do let me know as it is something I may start merely as an open-post "wall" if you will for people to put their memories out there.

In keeping with the Flight 11 theme however I would keep it strictly from that era... any thoughts or directions from anyone would be greatly appreciated in this matter. I know many of you have often asked "I wonder whatever happened to so and so...". I'm sure we could unravel a few more mysteries of the day