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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Takehiko Nakano, Japanese engineer aboard Flight 11

There have been renewed calls to try to locate the family of the 27 year old Japanese engineer student who was killed aboard Flight 11. His name was Takehiko Nakano and he was the sole survivor of the crash initially before dying in a hospital in Centerville, Iowa about 90 minutes after being rescued from the main fuselage. 

I feel that as he was the only non-American on board Flight 11 that his family would especially like to see the place where their relative died and also the town that cared for the victims and their families in the aftermath of the crash. I think they deserve to know the efforts that have been put into the memorial and 50th anniversary service, not to mention this blog.

I shall have this message translated into Japanese as well in case the family are only Japanese-speaking people now residing back in Japan. 

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DilbertMcDilbert said...

I was reading the Wikipedia page for this accident, and the Japanese name caught my attention.
Was wondering if you were able to contact relatives??