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Sunday, 14 April 2013


Ronnie Cook, 17 years old at the time of Flight 11, and the first person to discover the wreck with his Dad, has informed me of a little known mystery regarding Flight 11. His father and him drove to the state line to bring back the first response to the wrecked aircraft. On the first trip back to the site they encountered a car with a man and someone from KSO is Des Moines. Ronnie informs me this was a radio station at that time. He says that a man in that car, probably from KSO, took the first ever pictures inside the wreck of the aircraft. Those pictures were never released and Ronnie never knew what to make of the man who took them. But he said they would have been the first snaps taken of inside the wrecked 707. If anyone knows anything of KSOs mysterious involvement get in touch. Of course the strangest thing is how would a Des Moines radio station get wind of the crash so quickly and of the precise location; and why were pictures taken that disappeared from sight and have supposedly never been handed over or released...interesting.


dhcomet said...

As a post script Ronnie thinks the photographer was a free lancer.

dhcomet said...

I have had contact from a gentleman familiar with the particulars of Flight 11 and of the way the press in Des Moines, IA worked in the 1960s. He has said that radio stations would often have freelance photographers attached to them so they could sell pics to media outlets. Also these radio stations and freelancers had police scanners and radios and so it seems prudent to assume someone was listening out on the night of May 22, 1962 and hurriedly grabbed a freelance photographer and headed towards Unionville for the "media chase" that followed. As to what happened to those first pics taken by that freelance photographer as reported by Ronnie Cook, remains a mystery. It's probably a good thing they were never published to anyone's knowledge.

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