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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Alan S. Boyd, Chairman of Civil Aeronautics Board at time of Flight 11

Alan S. Boyd, the man who was chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board when Flight 11 went down has a long and distinguished career in aviation and transportation. He was born in 1922 and is still alive. His current whereabouts or contact details however are unknown.

He later went on to be the First United States Secretary of Transportation from 1967-1969 under Lyndon B. Johnson's term in office.

He also served in WWII.

It was President Dwight Eisenhower who appointed him to the Civil Aeronautics Board in 1959 and he remained there until 1966. He is one of the gentleman who is mentioned in the Flight 11 accident report as being Chairman of the Board.

He later went on to be President of the Illinois Central Railroad and then Amtrak before retiring in the early 1980s to Edmonds, Washington.


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