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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Boeing B-47 Stratojet out of Forbes AFB, Topeka, Kansas

As many people connected with Flight 11 are aware, a USAF Boeing B-47 Stratojet that was in the vicinity of Kirksville, MO, on the night of May 22nd, saw a bright flash in the to the north of the aircraft's position. It is generally accepted that the flash seen by the commander of this B-47 flight was the explosion of Flight 11.

The B-47 was an important aircraft in the USAF, particularly around the time of Flight 11s demise.

Does anyone who was in the USAF or who knows anyone who was in the USAF at the time, have any information on the specifics of the B-47 incident involving Flight 11?

As it was reported widely at the time and the sighting was included in the Flight 11 accident report it would be fair to assume that someone, somewhere, may recall being on that B-47 that night or know the people who were or maybe heard about it later at the Forbes Air Force Base. It would be interesting to see if anyone comes forward with any further information.

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