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Thursday, 7 June 2012

A special thank you

I would like to say a very special thank you to Mr Duane & Kay Crawford and their family for inviting me to the USA to attend the 50th anniversary memorial and for getting the memorial there in the town square. Other particular thanks to Maribeth Dehaven for her efforts and to those locals who have never forgotten flight 11. Also to Ron Cook of Unionville. This is the man who found the wreckage of Flight 11 in the wee-small hours of 23rd May 1962 and who showed so much compassion to the families of those who came for the 50th memorial service. He also shared with me a great deal of local history which was utterly fascinating. He will leave a lasting impression on me. I am deeply grateful to the families who could make it to Unionville too; I was deeply touched by what I was privvy to during that weekend and I shan't forget our fleeting meetings for the rest of my life. You folks have been through so much and it was just a nice way of seeing those who had seen this blog and given flight 11 the remembrance it so deserves. For a New Zealand based aviation blogger it truly has been a remarkable twist of events that finally led me to flight 11 and Unionville. I will continue to closely monitor events connected to Flight 11 and will continue to stay in touch. In regards to the blog it will be updated as necessary. I can be contacted at