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Monday, 2 July 2012

Photos from Jon Sperry

I have been trying to decide whether or not to upload a couple of photos sent to me by Mr Jon Sperry whose late Uncle was a highway patrolman based out of Kirksville, Missouri. His Uncle took the photos of the crash site of Flight 11 and Jon scanned them through to me a few days ago. They had been sitting in an attic on some old original slides.

I have now seen that other crash-site photos have emerged in the press with the Alan Zagier and Jonathan Bender articles so I think it prudent to place them up here as there is nothing here that can't be seen elsewhere. They are pretty "run of the mill" and what you can see elsewhere.  The photos detail the compacted nature of the forward fuselage around the wing-section (1) & secondly the fuselage in relation to the tree line at the crash site with rescue helicopter (painted bright orange and black) parked to the far right (2).

Many thanks to Jon Sperry for these precious and unique photos of N70775. We have no dates for these photos by the way and Jon's Uncle is no longer with us to confirm details. 

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dhcomet said...

As you can see in that 2nd photo there is the tree line where many of the families and myself stood at following the memorial service on 26/5 and it also details the slope the fuselage was found on that was so visible from where we stood at the crash site (see my photos taken in Missouri in older posts). You can also see where the "road"/track is that we followed in our cars and the schoolbus on the way down. Where we all stood is pretty much to the far left of the photo where there is a cluster of parked vehicles. As you can see not a heck of a lot has changed with the exception of the addition of the lake nowadays.