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Monday, 2 July 2012

Jon Sperry

A gentleman by the name of Jon Sperry has contacted me and sent me some photos that his Uncle took of Flight 11 following the crash. His Uncle (who is unfortunately no longer with us) was a Kirksville, Missouri highway patrolman. It's not known when these photos were taken (see below post) but I thought it prudent to upload two of them that detail the telescoped forward section of the fuselage (around the point of the wings forward) and also detailing the crash site as seen from the track driving to it.

For the families of those who went to the crash site in May 2012 you will know what I'm talking about when you see the second photo below and the distinctive treeline that runs all the way down from where we stood to about just past where the nose section of the fuselage would have been. You can also detail the spot on the far left that includes a cluster of cars (where we all pulled up in our vehicles and former schoolbus) and to the mid-right of the treeline are lots of people standing around who would have come up from the other side of the track in the opposite direction from which we came. 

I decided to upload these two photos as I felt they did not depict anything that wasn't/couldn't be seen in the photos at the Appanoose Historical Museum or any of the recent media articles (Alan Zagier and Joanathan Bender articles) about the crash and memorial or indeed a basic Google search. 

I do not believe these photos will cause any offence but if they do to anyone please contact me immediately and I shall remove them.

I have taken the liberty of forwarding them onto Maribeth DeHaven at the Putnam County Historical Society for her records and for the records of the Historical Society so that they may be filed away for safekeeping to add to the Flight 11 collection there in Unionville.  


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